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Good oral hygiene combined with children’s dentistry plays a very important part in the overall health of your child. Early childhood caries, a disease that afflicts many children, includes baby bottle tooth decay, nursing caries, rampant caries, and sipper cup caries.

Some factors leading to dental caries are:

• Acid producing bacteria
• Fermentable carbohydrates such as fruit juices
• Repeated and prolonged exposures to sugar

Prevention of tooth decay in infants begins before their first tooth erupts. Your mouth contains millions of bacteria, so do not share your eating utensils with your infant as bacteria from your mouth can be transferred to your infant and may infect their teeth and gums, especially if you have active dental disease. It is strongly recommended that women have regular checks and professional cleaning when pregnant to avoid having active dental disease during these early years for your baby.

Teething in infants occurs between 6 and 12 months of age. We recommend that as soon as their first baby teeth erupt you should clean them with a fresh, damp cloth twice a day. We also recommend using a baby toothbrush and a peas size amount of low fluoride (children’s) toothpaste.

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